Do Hangover Patches Work?

Find out if hangover patches really work towards preventing hangovers.

Hangover patches utilize superior physiological technology to provide the required prescription into the bloodstreams of people who may have drank too much. Patches for hangovers ensure that there is a steady release of prearranged amounts of Thiamine B1 in your body. It does not travel throughout the digestive system. Yet, it works speedily for effective hangover cures. The liver can work favorably and becomes capable of breaking down the alcohol as well as eliminate toxins from the body. These are responsible for handling the bothersome hangover symptoms.

How it Works

All you need to do is place an inconspicuous patch on your body prior to drinking your favorite brandy or vodka. It is simple but remarkable because you keep away from headaches so you can enjoy the night drinking with your chums. Besides, you can resort to natural methods in getting rid of hangovers such as drinking plenty of water. Water can help you cope with dehydration. You can also take fruit juices to help in the metabolism of alcohol in your bloodstream.  Crackers and muffins with honey can help in breaking down alcohol. A bowl of hot soup can prevent nausea and vomiting while potassium in the form of bananas and apples can assist you in getting back energy. Fruits and Vitamin B complex are better than taking any pain relievers.

Ingredients of Patches

The basic ingredients of patches are Chromium nutritional supplements, Globe Artichoke Extract, Green Tea and Milk Thistle Extracts, Thiamine, Kava, and Maurine. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is an important vitamin in the human body. It helps in the maintenance and repair of blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It synthesizes the neurotransmitter in the brain and protects molecules in your body which includes acids, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The very vital use of Vitamin C in the hangover patch is to protect everything in your body that would have otherwise been damaged from alcohol use and cause hangovers.

Green Tea Extract has been used in extensively in Asian cultures around the globe. It can help enhance the immune system and mental alertness in small doses of amino acid. When you drink alcohol, the immune system drops off significantly making it easier for you to catch a cold. Likewise, the individual’s mental alert system declines resulting to fatigue and unpleasant feelings. The hangover patch prevents hangovers and helps in spreading amino acid resulting in a quiet but more alert frame of mind. The milk thistle extract helps clean the liver and enhance its functions since the liver is harmed when filtering alcohol after drinking. Utilizing this herb provides your liver that extra help to move forward the remaining alcohol through your system.

The Globe Artichoke safeguards the liver and supports bile production. This extract helps cleanse the liver by generating bile that helps remove internal and external contaminants. Thiamine or Vitamin B1 is essential in breaking down alcohol in the body for quick hangover cures. With the hangover patch, the Thiamine is released in small doses for the entire day giving you a chance to fight dehydration.

In applying the patch, peel and place the patch on the body preferably the abdomen, back, arms or thighs 45 minutes prior to consumption of alcohol. The area should be clean, hairless and dry. Keep the patch on for 24 hours.